Founded in 1974 in Concesio (Brescia), as a small company by Temponi brothers Luciano, Pasquale e Piergiorgio, F.lli Temponi began its expansion in 1988 with the construction of a new production plant in Muratello di Nave (Brescia), dealing mainly with heat tratment on carpentery and cast iron structures.

The enlargement in 1995 also allows a leap in terms of both speed and flexibility of service and quality.

Two other steps mark the company’s path: in 2006 F.lli Temponi created a new department, dedicated exclusively to the heat treatment of aluminium and copper alloys; in 2012, it expanded its services, implementing a department for heat treatment and thermochemical treatments of steels.

The evolution has not only concerned the dimensions but above all the technologies, the automation of the processes and the computerization from the production to the management.


In this way the company is able to guarantee, also thanks to the compliance with the requirements of the quality management systems UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, the entire cycle from the heat treatment, to the blasting up to the painting.

Customers, thanks to an advanced management software, can at any time remotely control the progress of the work and receive information and certificates from their own “customer area” in order to ensure a completely integrated cycle and a complete visibility.


Research and Development

The company is making continuous improvements with the aim of satisfying an increasingly demanding and advanced market at best:

  • the production has been computerized and a software controls the progress of the materials inside the departments;
  • the website contains a reserved area that will give customers the opportunity at any time to collect documents – such as DDT, invoices and certificates – and view the progress of their work in an autonomous way simply by typing a password issued by the company pursuant to and in accordance with Legislative Decree 196/2003 on privacy;
  • all the ovens are connected by PLC to a software that reads and stores all the heat treatment cycles carried out.

Computerization, therefore, at 360 ° to provide traceability and availability to processes, but always putting the contact and dialogue with the customer at the forefront.

A dynamic company concept, in motion and attentive to the environmental impact of every choice: a pioneer in the separate collection of waste, in the battle against electromagnetic fields, energy recycling, also applies this philosophy in the choice of plants, machinery, materials and equipment.